Cambium Networks ePMP Force 200 5 GHz

Designed to operate in high interference environments

The ePMP™ Force 200 5 GHz adds a subscriber module and point-to-point (PTP) radio to ePMP’s 5 GHz line of products and provides superior throughput of over 200 Mbps of real user data. Long range deployment is enabled by the 25 dBi antenna. Configurable Modes of operation ensure robust adaptivity to both symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic while providing high performance and round-trip latency as low as 2 – 3 ms.

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Manufacturer: Cambium Networks


Wireless service providers and enterprises Wireless service
providers and enterprises around the globe are challenged to
deliver reliable connectivity in overcrowded RF environment. As
spectrum increasingly becomes a scarce commodity, finding the
right broadband connectivity solution is vital for all low and high
density types of deployments.
Cambium Networks resolves this challenge with a breakthrough
technology solution that delivers superior performance, resiliency
and reach in the most congested environments. The ePMP Force
200 high gain integrated solution enhances range and improves
throughput in high interference environments. ePMP Force 200 is
a completely redesigned solution from Cambium Networks that
combines a highly integrated, high performance radio with a high
gain dish antenna. The radio supports a gigabit Ethernet interface
in order to provide maximum throughput. Operating in the 2.4
and 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the solution brings wireless
broadband connectivity to customers over longer distances and
provides a superior return on investment.


Cambium Networks ePMP Force 200 5 GHz data sheet