Commitment to sustainability

Driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, GreenLine Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing power technologies for a greener future. The mission is to empower partners to align with advancing green initiatives.

Recognizing the pressing need for action, expertise has been directed toward crafting inventive and eco-conscious power solutions. This is achieved through state-of-the-art technology and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

Hydrogen Generators

Experience reliable power in grid failure or off-grid scenarios with the Electro-Hydrogen Generator. This pioneering solution ensures a quiet and sustainable power supply with zero C02 emissions and fine particles enabling green compliance codes. Powered exclusively by hydrogen, the Electro-Hydrogen Generator incorporates the latest fuel cell technology for unparalleled reliability and an extended lifespan. Unlike diesel gensets that struggle to achieve maximum efficiency, Hydrogen Generators surpass 45% electrical efficiency across all loads.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Electro-Hydrogen Generator features a user-friendly touch interface and offers remote control capability mobility which can be easily parallelized to meet specific power requirements. Use-cases encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the utilization of GH generators within mission-critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and data centers, aligning with green initiative mandates, to the implementation of proprietary EV solutions. These solutions leverage the benefits of Green Hydrogen in strategically positioned public services, contributing to sustainable energy practices.

Hydrogen Production

The dependable operation of critical infrastructure hinges on the availability and security of its operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS). Often, assets are managed and supervised remotely. However, OT environments frequently lack adequate visibility to detect misconfigurations, operationally significant errors, or cyberattacks. Several national IT security regulations mandate the establishment of an end-to-end system for threat monitoring and detection. This system ensures continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure, facilitating early identification and mitigation of potential attacks.

Critical infrastructures require an OT system that:
– Establishes comprehensive end-to-end visibility of devices (hosts), connections, and communication behavior
– Conducts ongoing analysis of the entire communication
– Detects, record, and reports anomalies in communication behaviour in real-time

These capabilities empower OT security engineers to respond swiftly and proactively to both attacks and technical error conditions.

Smart EV Charging

GreenLine Technologies offers the first and only one of a kind Electro-Hydrogen Smart EV Charging Solution solving the peak hour grid load challenge in addition to the classical EV optimized products. Our advanced system that goes beyond powering electric vehicles. Tailored for both personal and commercial use, this revolutionary charging solution integrates user-friendly features including cloud-based mobile app control, to simplify the charging experience and amplify its functionalities.

– A nationwide alternative to peak hours grid load enabling fast charging services throughout charging stations.
– Deliver fast EV charging while ensuring zero C02 emissions.
– Standalone system that eliminates the need for costly grid upgrades.
– Compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles and their respective charging standards.
– Simplified installation, commissioning, and operation, supported by multiple communication options.
– Enables faster charging, heightened reliability, and enhanced safety measures.
– Capable of autonomous operation or remote control, maximizing convenience and manageability.

Data Center Energy Solutions

GreenLine Technologies offers prefabricated modular data centers, characterized by an ALL-IN-ONE module design that eliminates the need for external parts. The innovative modular integration methodology streamlines the global construction and design of data centers, boasting the following key features:

– Premium EU quality product deployable globally.
– Scalable solution ideal for colocation, network infrastructure, and government applications.
– Fast track deployment duration.
– Full prefabricated solution, configured and tested at the factory.
– Power skids, cooling, and battery storage efficiently delivered in prefabricated modules.
– Remove management, diagnostics, and configuration capabilities.
– Monitoring and control of all DC and POD modular products.
– Unified system monitoring and management of all technological systems.
– Local advanced visualization for monitoring and management.
– Easy service and replacement of individual blocks.
– Technology service support, including diagnostics.
– Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) resulting in significant savings on CAPEX and OPEX for end-users.

Solar & Wind Energy

Committed to delivering excellence in the renewable energy sector, the focus is on providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for PV Power. GreenLine Technologies services encompass engineering, execution, operation, and maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for collaborators and partners. The core mission is centered on offering cost-effective solar energy solutions through high-quality and efficient photovoltaic systems.

Rotary & Static Energy

In safeguarding critical facilities from power disruptions, the use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is a common practice. To address both short term and long-term outages, UPS systems are often augmented with external diesel generators or integrated with a diesel engine in a Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS).

Modern Rotary UPS unit blend reliability and efficiency, employing synchronous machines and digital controls for high reliability and user-friendly interfaces. Achieving efficiency levels of up to 97%, Rotary UPS systems minimize energy losses and often eliminate the need for active cooling, resulting in cost-effective operation. While initial investment costs might be higher than static options, their reduced maintenance complexity, extended lifespan, and efficiency lead to significant long-term ownership cost reduction.

Rotary UPS systems are adaptable to both low and medium voltage scenarios, accommodating energy storage from batteries or flywheels. Paralleling Rotary UPS units to enhance power output or redundancy is straightforward due to their synchronous generator design, requiring minimal complex regulation. This enables Rotary UPS to delivery consistent power output across various load conditions without requiring derating. This flexibility contributes to their reduced footprint, making valuable space available for other equipment or production areas.

Statistics show that most power outages last less than three seconds. Flywheel UPS units can bridge over 96% of these outages, while battery systems cover an additional 3%. To address a broader range of failures, combining short-term energy storage with a longer-term bridging solution like diesel generators is essential. The integration of such systems provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring uninterrupted power during any scenario.

The integration of Rotary UPS with diesel generators can take various forms. Diesel generators connected upstream provide backup power during outages and can be operated in parallel, enhancing reliability. Combining Rotary UPS with diesel generators downstream offers unique advantages. This configuration involves precise power sharing between the UPS’s energy storage and the diesel generator, resulting in seamless transitions and stable frequency control. Moreover, downstream-connected diesel generators offer independent maintenance possibilities, ensuring continuous operation even during servicing.