Who we are

Greenline Technologies is the industry leader in Telecommunication, Cybersecurity, Energy, and Digital transformation solutions. We supply technology that supercharges our partner’s business and makes their ambitions real.

Easy to deploy.

Simple to manage.

Fast and Secure.

As the leading technology distributor in Africa, with a presence in over 10 countries, we at Greenline apply our insight and more than three decades of industry know-how to bring vendors and partners together to drive business.

We provide technology intelligence to our business to drive new and advanced technologies to the market.


Our Value Proposition

Global Access

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful distributor in our region. We strive towards this goal by being the most valued distributor for our partners and contributing to the growth and profitability of our stakeholders, staff, vendors, channel partners, and their clients.

Industry Knowledge

More than 20 years in the ICT Business has given us the power to create value through excellent service, demand generation, and access to world class enterprise technology markets. We provide a suiteof offerings that include vendor relationships building, relevant skills development, access to credit, training, and business expansion capabilities.

Leading in the Digital Era

We strive to be a catalyst in the channel’s transformation by improving our relevance to the market by continuously improving our people, products, systems, and services. Our transformation lies in building ecosystems that enable our channel to transcend technology into digital value creation.

People Focus

We focus culture on respect for our diversity, the aspirations of all stakeholders, and commitment to ongoing innovation of our offerings. We remain considerate of the interests of society, conforming to ethical standards as defined by the law, regulations, internal policies and procedures, and the requirements of our stakeholders, including dedication to our promises.

Our Team

Alexandru Postelnicu


Peter Lake-Johns

Legal & Compliance

Max Sicari

VP Sales

Navin Pandit

Financial Manager

Miro Napoleao

Angola Country Manager

Maiara Gaspar

Sales Manager – Lusophone Countries

Fru-Tanda Nde

Sales Manager – Central Africa

Anup Rajak

Project Manager

Dr.Tariq Jbara

Non Executive Director

Our Core Value System


We are dedicated to creating a positive and healthy workplace culture for everyone


Understand the underlying principles that drive desired ethical behavior for our partners


Ongoing innovation and growth of our services and solutions


Allow employees to be responsible for their work, and be accountable for yours.


Being steadfast in your sustainability commitment, and keeping the organization focused on those values

Sustainability Portfolio

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy. We recognize that environmental risks and opportunities may have an effect on the vital strategic competencies that create and deliver value to GreenLine’s business model.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

GreenLine will strive to become the leader in sustainable practices within the business units by maintaining an innovative environmental policy and positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of sustainable ideas, practices, methods, and technologies.

We endeavor to comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and other compliance obligations.  Continually monitor and reduce our direct environmental impact, and wherever possible, include indirect impacts associated with our vendors and customers to understand and be responsive to environmental challenges and how they impact our business.

Through this policy and our actions, we seek to protect and build our reputation across all aspects of our business, incorporate environmental factors into business decisions, and increase employee awareness and training.

We take cognizance of the threat that global warming poses, and while not our dominant objective, we consider the need to reduce our carbon footprint as being of key importance. Consequently, any future reduction program will focus primarily on greater analysis and understanding of our use of energy combined with taking the necessary steps in implementing appropriate energy-saving devices such as renewable energy. GreenLine is committed to taking continuous action to improve the environment and conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner.  Adopting environmental standards and practices to minimize our impact contributes to our overall group mission.