No Human Left Behind

We’re in the age of enlightened communication. Visions abound relating to the myriad ways that breakthroughs in digital technology might imprint upon our existence. Radical change is underway as countries race to complete the necessary infrastructure in order to establish their information superhighways that cater to the growing demands of our digitalised society.

Expanding urban and mobile populations offer tremendous potential to the economy. As of 2021 Africa’s Internet penetration is 40 per cent. In Africa a single per cent increase in Internet penetration can increase GDP per capita by 2.5 per cent compared with 2 per cent globally. Increasing Internet penetration to 75 per cent has the potential to create 44 million new jobs. 

Infrastructure drives increased access to more affordable and higher-speed Internet. Tech companies’ investment in subsea and terrestrial fibre-optic infrastructure has led to rapid growth in international Internet capacity. 

It is now up to us to advance last mile connectivity throughout the continent.  

Greenline Technology has pioneered infrastructure roll out by designing and implementing thousands of fixed wireless networks, connecting even the most remote areas on the African continent, from bustling metropolises like Dar Es Salaam, Luanda, or Douala to remote lodges in the Serengheti National Park or connecting villages and resorts in Zanzibar. 

Our local teams will assist you on each step of the rollout, give us a call today, we speak your language. 

Building Today with the Future in Mind

Since GreenLine Technologies was founded in USA in 2011, the company has grown to be amongst Africa’s leading distributors of Wireless, Networking, Cybersecurity and Managed Services products. GreenLine has the experience and a proven track record of supplying powerful, flexible and scalable solutions to our client’s communication requirements.

GreenLine’s extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible for us to identify, design and implement the most effective and economical turnkey solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies.

Present of 4 continents, GreenLine is able to provide the highest level of pre-sale consulting and post-sale engineering support to our customers. GreenLine is proud of its outstanding portfolio of successful wireless and networking deployments across Sub-Saharan Africa, with highly trained sales and technical professionals. GreenLine Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, USA and has local offices and additional warehouse facilities in Dubai (UAE), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Luanda (Angola), Cape Town (South Africa), Douala (Cameroon) and Libreville (Gabon).

GreenLine Technologies EU has Regional headquarters in London UK, Dubai, UAE and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our product offerings include best in class leading manufactures across all types of products in the industry: Cambium Networks, Mimosa, Siklu, Motorola Solutions, Mikrotik, CSG International, Cisco, ALGcom Antennas, Enatel Energy.

GreenLine technologies remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to the African market and finding new ways to offer value to our customers. GreenLine’s reseller network has reached 1000 and serves over 30 markets in Africa.

Narrowing the Digital Divide For Africa

The interaction between people and computers has increased in the past two decades as technology advances. The ability to access computers and internet mostly through wireless broadband has become crucial for society, mainly for his rapid growth capabilities and scalability. Unfortunately, majority of people In Africa especially, still lacks access to modern technology and the internet. Since 2010, Greenline Technologies has dedicated all its resources to assist the continent in its journey to digitalize implementing wireless broadband and Wi- Fi networks across the region.

GreenLine’s solutions to the digital divide:

  • Internet infrastructure development and deployment.
  • Increase affordability of devices with best price/quality ratio.
  • Improving the digital skills and create added value – We partner with local Universities to implement learning programs and skill development.

The GreenLine Values

Respect: We respect our colleagues, business partners and especially our valued customers. We respect the community and environment we work in. We do not tolerate harassment, misconduct and discrimination in our business. We are proud of our work, our reputation and our achievements.

Fairness: We give our customers the fair price they deserve. We accept whatever challenge our competitors give to us. We reject cheating, corruption, special treatments and political donations. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate in and pay proper taxes. We let our actions speak louder than our voices.

Sustainability: We carefully examine the environment we operate in to reduce negative impact on the environment and everyone around it. We will not risk the safety of anyone or put his or her health in great danger. We value long-term impacts and partnerships with our business by protecting important information.

Openness: We tell nothing but the truth to our colleagues, customers and the government in which country we operate in. We promote our products carefully and correct, making sure that we don’t offend consumers. We take responsibility for our actions and mistakes. We document properly our business records and if there are business and personal concerns, we share and take actions instantly.

At GreenLine Technologies, we expect everyone in our business to live up to our shared values. We understand the challenges of this fast-paced and challenging environment, but despite that, we still stick to our values. We believe these values are the keys for success and long-term business, which will lead us to a better future.

If you see incidents or behaviors that does not reflect the GreenLine values, please do not hesitate to share your concerns promptly. Our global management team will is available 24/7, contact