GreenLine Technologies offers tailored solutions empowered by his world-class partners.

Cybersecurity Solutions

GreenLine Technologies extensive range of cybersecurity solution offerings empower organizations in safeguarding digital assets and operations. These offerings encompass assessment services, cyber risk quantification, zero trust, VOC, SOC, penetration testing, and bug bounty initiatives.

Digital Transformation

A broad category of services offered by experts in the technology industry to assist businesses and organizations in leveraging technology to meet their strategic objectives and solve complex problems. These services encompass a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills, and they play a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Energy Technologies

Driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, GreenLine Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing power technologies for a greener future. The mission is to empower partners to align with advancing green initiatives.

Our Vendors

Professional Services

Bring new systems and technologies online as quickly as possible – with confidence.

24/7 Managed Services

Whatever the nature, size, industry sector or specific market requirements of your business, GreenLine Technologies delivers the services that will help you reduce operational risk, boost productivity and harness the digital shift to drive maximized business outcomes.

Value-added Distributor

If you’re a reseller, WISP or MNO offering a service, you need to know you have enough options to fulfil the needs of your customer, whatever the challenges and whatever the budget. Our team will help ensure you fulfil those needs, on time and on budget. 

System Integrator

From Computers, Servers, AP’s, firewalls and network security to the cabling infrastructure, switching, power supply back-ups and end-to-end business applications, we will supply everything for your project and be there to support you throughout the entire deployment process.