C6x, Mimosa 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E, 5.15-6.425GHz 8 dBi Modular Radio for PTMP or PTP

Super Flexible and Super Fast

The C6x sets a new bar for affordable speed, as well as interference reduction. With the latest in Wi-Fi 6E OFDMA technologies, and access to new 6 GHz bands (which varies by country), the C6x achieves extremely low latency speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps. The C6x can be used as a directional PTP (point-to-point) backhaul, or PTMP (point-to-multipoint) client radio. A license key is required for PTP operation.

Manufacturer: Mimosa


Super Flexible, Super Fast, Super Value

Gigabit PTMP Client and PTP With Modular Antennas

Building on the popular X-series family of modular directional antenna options for flexible distance deployments, the new rugged C6x sets a new bar for affordable speed and interference reduction. With the latest in Wi-Fi 6E OFDMA technologies, and access to new 6 GHz bands1, the C6x achieves extremely low latency speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps and high reliability with new noise fighting features. Supporting the Wi-Fi 5/6/6E standards, the C6x can be deployed as a standard Wi-Fi interoperable client, and provide smooth transitioning in the field for legacy Mimosa and standard Wi-Fi deployments. The C6x can be used as a PTMP (point-to-multipoint) client radio, or PTP2 (point-to-point) backhaul.

Integrated Radio with Modular Antenna Options

The C6x’s native 8 dBi gain can be increased to 12, 16, 20, or 25 dBi using Mimosa’s modular X-series twist-on antennas, offering the ease and simplicity of integrated radios, but with so much more flexibility for short to long range deployments.

Superior Noise Mitgation

The C6x reduces in-band noise impact across the operating channel with dramatically smaller 2 MHz resource units (RU) sizes instead of legacy OFDM solutions, where any noise impacted the full channel. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6E and OFDMA, the C6x can even be used in dense, urban environments.

Take PTMP to a New Level

Achieving up to 1.75 Gbps in PTMP (point-to-multipoint) deployments, the C6x pairs together with new multi-user OFDMA scheduling and beamforming technologies on the A6 access point to enable massive subscriber scaling, advanced noise management, and access to the new, low-noise 6 GHz band.


The C6x is IP67 rated, which means it can withstand the harshest elements and environments. Coupled with next-gen RF noise fighting features and new low-noise 6 GHz band support, the C6x leads the way in dependable connectivity.

Data Sheets



• Max Throughput:
1.75 Gbps IP aggregate UL/DL (2402 Mbps PHY)
• Wireless Protocols:
WiFi Interop; Auto-TDD (future release);
PTMP TDMA (future release)
• Modes:
Default mode:
PTMP client, 1.75 Gbps
License key purchase modes:
PTP Backhaul2
• MIMO & Modulation:
2×2, PTMP MU-MIMO client support, OFDMA,
• Bandwidth:
20/40/80/160 MHz channels, tunable to 5 MHz increments
• Frequency Range: PTP/PTMP: 5150–6425 MHz1 3
(restricted by country of operation)
• Max Output Power: 27 dBm
• Sensitivity (MCS 0):
-87 dBm @ 80 MHz
-90 dBm @ 40 MHz
-93 dBm @ 20 MHz
• Max Power Consumption: 20 W
• System Power Method:
Passive PoE
• PoE Power Supply:
Passive POE compliant, 48–56 V
(PoE injector not included)
• Dimensions:
Height: 178mm (5”)
Width: 113mm (4.5”)
Depth: 67mm (2.6”)
• Weight: 0.7 kg (1.54 lbs)
• RF Connector Type: X-series twist-on
• Enclosure Characteristics:
Die-cast aluminum, UV stabilized paint, with outdoor UV
stable plastic radome lens
• Mounting:
Dual attached pole mount straps
• Grounding: Ground lug
• Outdoor Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
• Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
• Operating Humidity: 5 to 100% condensing
• Operating Altitude: 4,420 m (14,500’) maximum
• Shock and Vibration: ETS 300-019-2-4 class 4M5