Cambium Networks cnReach N500 450 MHz FCC

cnReach N500 450 MHz FCC enables connectivity in the most diverse environments.

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Manufacturer: Cambium Networks


The N500 450 MHz FCC model provides reliable licensed band connectivity with extensive I/O capabilities to ease migration to all-IP networks. With dual radio options, a 5 W output power and adaptive modulation.

For outdoor critical infrastructure operations,
cnReach transports process monitoring and
control data from the remote sensor back to the
operations center supporting real-time automated
decision making and on-going analytics. Covering
large geographic areas, hard to reach terrain and
challenging spectrum environments, cnReach delivers
reliable, secure connectivity to the petrochemical,
electric utility, water/wastewater/stormwater and
transportation industries. cnReach eases the migration
to modern networks by combining legacy serial and
analog/digital I/O with TCP/IP and Ethernet connectivity.


Cambium Networks cnReach N500 450 MHz FCC data sheet