Cambium Networks 5 GHz PMP 450m Fixed Wireless Access Point with cnMedusa™ Technology

The PMP 450m Access Point is most scalable, highest capacity, and most spectrally efficient AP in the industry. cnMedusa is a first-of-its-kind technology in a fixed wireless broadband access platform. The 450m utilizes massive Multi-User MIMO technology in a cost-effective solution. The implementation of MU-MIMO coupled with beamforming technology delivers ground-breaking spectral efficiency and outstanding performance in high interference environments.

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Manufacturer: Cambium Networks


Cambium Networks industry-leading 450 platform adds Massive Multi-User MIMO capability with cnMedusa™ technology.
• Throughput of over 550 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel; More than 1.2 Gbps in a 40 MHz channel
• MU-MIMO with spectral efficiency of more than 60 bps/Hz
• Features smart beamforming to reduce interference



  • cnMedusa™ technology enhances sector capacity by combining a smart beamforming antenna array with multiple RF transmit and receive chains, effectively multiplying available capacity by more than three times.
  • Protect your investment in the 450 platform equipment by continuing to utilize existing Subscriber Modules (all 450 platform subscribers work with the 450m and cnMedusa technology, including prior generation 430 modules)
  • SFP port allows for greater deployment flexibility, and AUX port allows for connection of camera or other PoE directly.
  • The Limited Version can reduce capital investment until additional capacity is actually required. A 30-day trial of MU-MIMO operation is included, and a simple license key can permanently enable MU-MIMO operation when needed.

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