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Off-Grid Solar Panels

We support the telecom industry with solutions for microwave repeater sites, base transmission stations (BTS), rural telephony, VSATs, two-way radio, telephone exchanges, satellite earth stations, and more. We will work with you to size your solution to expand your network infrastructure and coordinate all the technologies involved. Deployment, even in the most remote locations, is far easier than many other solutions, especially running utility line extensions.

Bespoke Solutions are designed using the latest off grid technology vs Price ratio. Build to Last.

Power Utilities
• Low & High voltage switchgear
• Transformer & SUB stations
• Power Generation & Distribution
• Control & protection SCADA system 

Offshore And Process Industry
Safety and Automation Systems (SAS) Marine:
• Communication onboard ships
• Railway & Metro Infrastructure
• Control & protection
• Signaling 

• Distributed antenna system
• Broadband

Advanced switching technology with digital control. The utilization of this technology results in a very high power density and low weight. With a state-of-the-art control solution it provides an excellent functionality and several protection features. 

Industry Applications: 

Power Utilities
• Control & protection 
• Circuit breaker power
• Scada 
• Communication 

Railway & Metro
• Control & protection
• GSM-R - communication
• Signaling
• Emergency Lightning
• Wireless Monitoring Systems 

Oil & Gas
• Production solution for Platform, rig, or FPSO/FSo
• Fire & Gas detection systems (only 24V)
• Emergency Shotdown (only 24V)
• GTL & ING facilities
• Heli-Deck Lighning

Customers can purchase UPS systems with greater flexibility based on their initial unit needs and future needs for scalability to lower their TCO and maximize system benefits. Local availability may vary. 

Key Features

• Leading AC-AC Efficiency
• Fully redundant design and configuration
• High input and output power factors Easy expansion without additional hardware
• Supports to seamless operations at low level of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Industry Applications

• Server Equipment
• Network Equipment

Multipurpose control systems adds many advanced features like high-accuracy current measurements, symmetry and voltage measurements down to battery cell level, high voltage fuse sensing, more control/alarm outputs and additional temperature measurements and more. 

Key Features

AC Mains Voltage, current, frequency and energy consumption • Battery symmetry, current and fuse monitoring • Alarm outputs and control inputs • Load branch current and fuse • Climate control of fan/filter cabinets • Generator control/fuel tank level measurements 

Industry Applications: 

Mobile / Wireless: Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
• LTE / 4G / WiMAX
•Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
• Microwave • Broadband 

Fixed: Central Office
• Telephony servers / switches
• Fiber Optics
• Microwave
• Cable
• Broadband
• Broadcast
• Data Centers  

For product inquiries, please indicate the following in your inquiry:

Name  -  Product  -  Purpose/Industry  -  No. of Products

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