Micro Turbine Genset

Reliable, Cost Effective, Clean Power

No More Power Cuts
Cost Effective, Cleaner, Quieter and Continuously running operations

Reliable remote power

Modular design combined with proven patented microturbine technology, and only one moving part provides 15kVA of prime power, nonstop, whenever and wherever you need it.

Telecom networks around the world have been relying on Bladon power solutions since 2018. A future proof investment that delivers lower operating costs and lowers carbon footprint together and paves the way to embrace zero carbon fuels.

Fuel Flexible

To ensure maximum uptime and power availability the Bladon MTG is unique in its fuel flexibility. Run it on diesel, paraffin, kerosene or low carbon HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or mix it to enjoy lower costs and reduce fuel theft.

Designed for easy upgrade path to alternative fuels including low carbon liquid and gas fuels and even zero carbon hydrogen based fuels.

Single Service Per Year

All the complexity of maintaining the Bladon Micro Turbine has been designed out. Only one moving part and only one single site service required per year regardless of run hours. Service the MTG in less than one hour air and fuel filters can be replaced easily and cleanly. Bladon airbearing technology means there is no engine oil or liquid coolant cost or disposal costs.

Cleaner, Quieter

For many remote power applications low noise and cleaner air is always a benefit for the environment. It’s better for the people living nearby and with the MTG’s zero vibration, ultra low noise (<60dBA at 7 meter), and ultra low emissions (better than EU Stage V equivalent) our customers become better neighbors.

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