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The Reseller Program

Greenline Technologies is proud to offer some of the most reputable and successful wired, wireless, security, storage and voice communications products. However, our network extends far beyond our core business. A crucial part of getting these products and solutions to companies throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, is partnering with us. We encourage channel partners to talk to us.

The best way to make money from unique products and solutions – such as those created by our innovative vendors – is to partner with us in your specific market. Why not increase your revenue by providing technologically advanced and ‘forward-thinking’ hardware and software solutions to your customers? Greenline offers the lowest cost of entry into previously prohibitive markets and segments for most resellers – by becoming an extension of your company.

Becoming a Partner

As a reseller, you will benefit from a number of support options that Greenline offers you and your growing business. 

Personalised Support 

The level of selling comfort and expertise will vary depending on your requirements and target markets. We provide you with the relevant amount of training and pre-sale information to the products and solutions that are applicable to you. We can provide you with this and support you throughout the process, as we pay careful attention to you as an individual or business.

A Comprehensive Product Range

Greenline offers a selection of products from over 10 of the world’s most innovative networking brands. This kind of selection means that you’ll be able to provide customised communications solutions to your clients. 

Continued Training

An integral part of selling or reselling any product is having comprehensive knowledge of what you’re selling. This is particularly relevant with technology products. Our training courses offered range from vendor certified product specific training to basic and advanced vendor agnostic courses.

The Greenline Newsletter 

You have the option of subscribing to the Greenline Tech newsletter. This will keep you abreast of news in your industry, as well as Greenline-specific developments.

Become part of the GreenLine family!

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Our Partners and Associates