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Proxim Wireless

The main focus for Proxim is to make broadband wireless networks that are custom-built to your specific requirements, which fits in exactly with the GreenLine Technologies ethos. This means that all of the products we sell from this brand are scalable, flexible and work together to create a solution that runs smoothly – providing you with access whenever and wherever you need it.

Proxim has a reputation for high quality and expert attention to detail, meaning you can trust that their products will provide you with the solution you’re looking for. They have provided wireless network systems to many large enterprises, including government entities, educational institutes and healthcare facilities.

Currently there are over 1.8 million Proxim units in use around the world, with a market presence in over 65 countries. These wireless network systems are well-known for assisting organisations by streamlining productivity and therefore increasing revenue.

With Greenline Technologies as your provider, you’ll have access to this innovative technology, as well as our renowned support when it comes to your wireless network setup. We provide you with insight into the products, as well as their installation and network management.

The core applications of all the available products from Proxim include:

• transportation
• video surveillance
• wireless backhaul
• last mile connectivity
• enterprise WLAN

Each application has high-performance capabilities that can be adapted to the size of your network. You’ll also be able to centrally manage them from end-to-end.as their installation and network management.

Greenline Technologies proudly supplies the following wide range of products:

Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi Mesh – We provide a high-capacity wireless access point solutions, as well as mesh radios in order to ensure you can always connect. This works for data, voice and video networks. Furthermore these are completely secure from external threats.

Wireless point-to-point – When it comes to wireless backhaul, you can choose between license and license-free bridges for your network. These options can be deployed to provide you with a wide range of coverage for a host of applications.

Wireless point-to-multipoint – This option provides you with exceptional flexibility and eases deployment for your network. The ability to service several subscriber units in a similar area from a single base station ensures that applications like video surveillance and wireless internet services (WISP) can be deployed rapidly.

Proxim’s innovative design and technology always leave you with secure, all-in-one network solutions. You’ll be able to enjoy high-speed connections no matter the size of your organisation.

At GreenLine Technologies, we’ll assist you in choosing the best option for your requirements and see it installed for you. Fill out the contact form above and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss the options available.

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