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The GL-TECH J6 mobile phone gives you access to do more, converting it from a mobile phone to a smart device with multiple functions. The phone is mobile enough for FM, MP3 & MP4 entertainment which you can easily snug in your pocket. Easy to carry, yet capable of making a lasting impression. 

With FM & MP3, MP4 Video all in a simple mobile phone, you have a smart solution that will be your companion through the day, whether your needs are related to communication or entertainment. With the latest Bluetooth technology you can connect to your peers, your laptop, and other devices to share media and files. Use your GL-Tech J8 phone for your everyday needs.

The M4 is an Octa Core Processor mobile phone that gives you access to do more, converting your phone from a simple phone to a smart device with multiple, enhanced functions. Add to it 2GB RAM, and you have a high performance mobile phone with more functions than you can count.

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