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Company Policy

GreenLine Technologies is proud to have worked across the African continent for over 10 years. Our mission has been to offer the highest quality products and state of the art technology to the African market. Currently with registered and running operations in Angola, Tanzania and UK, although we do business in many other markets. 

We appreciate and recognize the cultural differences that exist in our business, which is why we are raising the standards in our workplace by sharing a set of values on how we work together.

The GreenLine Values

Respect: We respect our colleagues, business partners and especially our valued customers. We respect the community and environment we work in. We do not tolerate harassment, misconduct and discrimination in our business. We are proud of our work, our reputation and our achievements.

Fairness: We give our customers the fair price they deserve. We accept whatever challenge our competitors give to us. We reject cheating, corruption, special treatments and political donations. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate in and pay proper taxes. We let our actions speak louder than our voices.

Sustainability: We carefully examine the environment we operate in to reduce negative impact on the environment and everyone around it. We will not risk the safety of anyone or put his or her health in great danger. We value long-term impacts and partnerships with our business by protecting important information.

Openness: We tell nothing but the truth to our colleagues, customers and the government in which country we operate in. We promote our products carefully and correct, making sure that we don’t offend consumers. We take responsibility for our actions and mistakes. We document properly our business records and if there are business and personal concerns, we share and take actions instantly.

At GreenLine Technologies, we expect everyone in our business to live up to our shared values. We understand the challenges of this fast-paced and challenging environment, but despite that, we still stick to our values. We believe these values are the keys for success and long-term business, which will lead us to a better future.

If you see incidents or behaviors that does not reflect the GreenLine values, please do not hesitate to share your concerns promptly. Our global management team will is available 24/7, contact support@greenline-tech.com